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About Electrica

Simplifying Data for Transportation Electrification

Electrica guides and equips advocates and funders with data-driven information for transportation electrification. Whether your ambitions are to effect change in the U.S. at the national, regional, state, or local level, Electrica provides easy access to over 90 data sets and multiple scenarios through which to explore opportunities to advance transportation electrification. Shaped by a diverse group of transportation electrification colleagues, Electrica has been informed by the community for the community. 

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Making Data-Driven Decisions

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Explore opportunities to accelerate transportation electrification across the U.S. and within states. Electrica allows you to rank states based on factors such as share of the auto market, auto jobs, people who are exposed to truck pollution, or a combination of these and other factors. Use the tool to define priorities and explore the results by choosing a scenario or creating a custom one. Use the findings to inform your strategic electrification efforts.


For any scenario, increase or decrease the weight of 11 different factors that influence how states rank in relation to each other. These 11 factors are: EV policy momentum to date, in-state political opportunity, state influence on federal policy, climate impacts from transportation, EV market potential, vehicle market influence, auto industry jobs, utility engagement, corporate influence, systemic pollution and health inequities, and oil opposition. 

Dig in deeper by individually weighing 90 data sets and explore why different states are important to advancing vehicle electrification. Choose to ignore market momentum to view which states are critical going forward, regardless of where they currently are on their transportation electrification journey. Compare specific regions, or across a few individual states to see which opportunities are greatest.

Example chart showing how factors in a scenario stack up to create overall state results



How To Use the Electrica Tool

Start here

Select Your Scenarios, Regions & Settings


1)   Pick among nine predefined scenarios that explore different preset weightings for 11 different areas of focus. Example scenarios include a balanced approach, economic development, pollution and public health, light-duty, or freight focus, or explore scenarios that isolate one factor at a time.

2)   Select your region(s) or state(s) of interest


3)   Select your global settings for two toggles:  EV Momentum (whether to consider EV market momentum as rationale to prioritize a state) and Oil and Gas Opposition (whether to consider oil and gas opposition as rationale to prioritize a state or avoid a state).

4)   Select “More” for descriptions of each scenario and settings.

Note:  It takes a little time to load data into your local computer’s memory - once loaded, adjusting your selections is fast. If you are inactive for a while, the tool may timeout (a popup will say “An error occurred - session timed out due to inactivity." Just hit "refresh" to dive in again.)

Refine the weights to reflect your priorities

After selecting a starting point scenario, refine which factors and subfactors you are interested in by adjusting the sliders.

1)   Move any slider to the right/high to indicate a higher relative importance (weighting) of the factor or subfactor. All the way to the left removes the factor or subfactor

2)   To expand  the subfactors, select “+ Show Subfactors”

3)   Select “More” for descriptions of each factor and its related subfactors


Explore your results - Summary and by Factor


The right two-thirds of the screen presents results in three ways:

1)   State Summary - the chart at the top

2)  Maps - which are zoomable via a mouse scroll or the buttons on the map

3)  Factor charts - the smaller charts under the map, which show all of the the subfactors and how they each score

A) For the factor charts, you can choose how you sort them - either by the State Summary order or individually

B) For all charts, you can see all 50 states by increasing or decreasing the chart’s visual range box (to the right of each chart) 


Share Your Findings

Screenshot the results and share your findings! Source "" when sharing results.

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In Partnership With

Shaped by a diverse group of transportation electrification colleagues representing environmental, equity, labor, utility, communications, consumer, health and philanthropic organizations, Electrica has been informed by the community, for the community, with financial support from the Heising-Simons Foundation.

“Amazing job taking in so much input and data. Super powerful. Looking forward to the follow-up discussions this provokes.” 

- Partner

“This will be very valuable for identifying big opportunities that we didn’t have the tools to recognize in the past and that we as a community should consider better resourcing.”

- Partner

“I am excited to use Electrica to create scenarios that illustrate opportunities in the states we are committed to. Electrica will also help us leverage our findings to make the case with colleagues and philanthropy for both policy action and building capacity.”

- Partner

“This will be very valuable for shaping strategy, both independently and in partnership. I’m very eager for future conversations about how we as a community can explore strategy together.”

- Funder

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